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Core Competencies - Business Strategy, Business Development and Business Goals

Core Competencies Business Strategy development Consulting Goals

Core Competencies is a comprehensive process for identifying, increasing and further developing a company's strengths that customers' value. The process involves comparing key company strengths with main market competitors and increasing those strengths.

Further resources can be made available by outsourcing non-core Competencies and freeing up resources to further invest in increasing strengths. Through a process of identifying, increasing and further developing Core Competencies an organisation can gain market share, improve business efficiency and reduce competition. Core Competencies are typically used in the building of Business Strategy, Business Development and Business Goals.

Benefits of Core Competencies with Business Strategy, Business Goals and Business Development are:-

  • Increasing operating profits by having better business efficiency and alignment
  • Increasing profits through growing market share by addressing opportunities through business development
  • Protecting market share by building on strengths, addressing weaknesses and threats from competition
  • Assisting companies in adapting to rapidly changing markets and industries
  • Raising business understanding of the company's vision and strategy
  • Simplifying or updating business strategy

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