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SMEs - Cloud, Business Strategy and Business Services

SME Small Business Services Strategy McKinsey Bain Boston ConsultingSmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are typically defined as up to 50 employees as small and 250 employees as medium.

The typical challenges faced by SMEs disproportionately affect them when compared to large enterprises or MNCs. This is mainly due to their small size which reduces the margin to make errors when compared to larger firms.

In addition, due to the smaller level of resources available, greater efficiency and working smarter isn't just "nice to haves" but essential.

Challenges meeting SME Businesses:-

  • How to grow but still keep overheads down?
  • How to maintain staff retention and reduce constant retraining costs of new staff due to "staff churn"?
  • How to maintain close customer relationships and prevent the competition from taking your customers?
  • How to find new markets and customers for your products?
  • How to develop new products and services to stay ahead of the competition?
  • How make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget?
  • How to maintain a strong cash flow position within the business?
  • How to make sure staff work together productively and efficiently?
  • How to make sure the company's IT infrastructure is secure from external threats?

How Cloud Technologies can help SMEs

Business Services Strategy McKinsey Bain Boston ConsultingCloud Enterprise Products allow businesses to reduce operating costs by using advanced cutting-edge software and infrastructure compared to traditional solutions. In addition, Cloud Products allow new capabilities that are not available in traditional solutions allowing companies to solve business issues that were not possible before.

All Cloud Products are accessed using the Internet anywhere, anytime from any PC in the world. The software is installed and stored in a data centre "The Cloud" and accessed using an Internet connection and an interface or web browser such as Chrome, IE, Firefox or etc. All customer data is stored in a high-security U.K. Data Centre that meets the highest of international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301. The billing model is also different from traditional software where before you bought a "lifetime" license with SaaS its PAYG. All the client pays is a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) monthly fee without the associated in-house set-up & running costs.

Benefits of using Cloud Technologies include:-

  • Money and time saved due systems having greater speed and efficiency
  • Ability to access desktops, programs, files, emails and etc anywhere, anytime, from any PC in the world
  • Ability to give staff greater flexibility and agility e.g. such as working from home, on the road, in the field, or hot desking
  • Money saved by IT systems lasting longer due to greater future proofing
  • Money and time saved due to reduced system set-up and maintenance costs
  • Time and Money saved by having greater long term flexibility to plan
  • Cost effective access to cutting edge IT systems
  • Pioneering World class Anti-DoS, Antivirus, Advanced firewall technology
  • Industry-leading Cloud security management including 128 to 448-bit encryption
  • Cutting edge Storage solutions including dedicated, hybrid & virtual systems
  • Advanced disaster recovery and backup solutions with tier-4 data centres

How Management Consultancy & Business Services can help SMEs

Business Services Strategy McKinsey Bain Boston ConsultingManagement Consultancy (MC) allows companies to utilise proven business strategies to solve difficult business issues. The objective of Management Consultancy is to use proven time-tested strategies to solve difficult business issues while avoiding costly hit-and-miss approaches. The field continues to grow rapidly globally and has made major contributions to improved business strategies, manufacturing efficiency, improved organisational structures, processes, products & services and reduced business cost structures.

According to leading market research firm, Gartner, the global MC Market in 2014 grew by over 6.8% to $125.2 billion. In the U.K. the MC market, in 2015, grew by over 6.6% to £6 billion spent annually on MC services. Industry experts attribute the growth of MC services mainly due to the large return on investment (ROI) consistently delivered, studies have shown MC on average returns £6 for every £1 invested in profit.

Industry examples of Global Management Consulting firms include McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Atos, Accenture, Capgemini, PwC and KPMG. Out of these examples McKinsey, Bain and Boston Consulting Group solely focus on Business Strategy Consulting.

Typical business problems solved by MC can include how to improve operational efficiency, increasing profitability, reducing running costs, increasing competitive advantage, increasing the customer base, improving products & services and adapting to new business environments. Normally companies are budget restricted in how they can solve business issues and can't take an approach of "throwing money at the problem". Therefore, proven strategies, methodologies and techniques are needed to solve these complex business issues within timescales and budgets. Moreover, MC can assist in adjusting to the economic impact of Brexit. Therefore, SME firms & small business can gain improved profitability and a competitive advantage by using MC business services.

Benefits of using MC & Business Services include:-

  • Increased operating profits by having better business efficiency and alignment
  • Protecting market share by addressing weaknesses and threats from competition
  • Increased profits through growing market share by addressing opportunities
  • Innovating new products & services
  • MC assist companies in adapting to rapidly changing markets and industries
  • Adjusting to the Economic impact of Brexit
  • Raising business understanding of the company's vision and strategy
  • Simplifying or updating business strategy
  • Linking strategic objectives to long-term targets and annual budget plans
  • MC can be used to monitor the main components of business strategy

We have leading expertise in Business Strategy, Cloud Solutions, Strategic Management, Business Development, Post-Brexit Strategy and much more.

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