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Cloud Collaboration Systems - SharePoint, Yammer, HipChat, Slack and Podio

Sharepoint HipChat Slack Yammer Share point PodioCollaboration Systems allow teams and different departments to exchange project information efficiently and effectively. All team project data is stored within a shared portal that is accessible online in the Cloud or on-premise at the office (depending on set-up). Data, files and user accounts can be given different access privileges. Data can include files, videos, forums, presentations, instant messaging, webinars, surveys and much more.

To increase the system's power further the platform can be Cloud Data Integrated (including workflow) with many other Cloud applications and services. Examples of such systems are HipChat, Slack, Yammer, SharePoint and Podio.

Benefits of Collaboration with HipChat, Slack, Yammer, SharePoint and Podio include:-

  • Greater efficiency between teams by aligning their shared goals
  • Improved team innovation
  • Building a common company knowledge base assisting in new projects
  • Reduced duplication of work saving time & money
  • Improved development of in-house skills and expertise saving time & money

We have leading expertise in the following Cloud Collaboration Systems: SharePoint, HipChat, Slack, Yammer, Share Point, Podio and many more.

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