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Balanced Scorecard - Business Strategy, Business development and Consulting

Balanced Scorecard Balance Score Card Consulting Business Strategy Development

Balanced Scorecard is a process that identifies and sets out what a business' desired goals are, over key business areas, while ensuring they are balanced.

These key areas include Financial, Customer value, Innovation, Internal business process and Employee performance. Once the targets are set, appropriate correcting measures are put in place to deal with and close any "gaps" that might emerge with the desired and actual outcome. Balanced Scorecards are typically used in the development of Business Strategy, Business development and Consulting.

Benefits of Balanced Scorecards with Business Strategy, Business development & Consulting are:-

  • Balanced Scorecards assist in simplifying or updating business strategy
  • Contrast performance in diverse business units by comparing different Balanced Scorecards
  • Raising business understanding of the company's vision and strategy
  • Linking strategic objectives to long-term targets & annual budgets with a scorecard that is in balance
  • Monitor the main components of business strategy
  • Combining strategic targets into resource allocation processes
  • Balanced Scorecards assist in company change

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