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Business Intelligence Systems (BI) - IBM Watson, Domo, Cyfe, TIBCO Spotfire, Pentaho and Tableau

BI IBM Watson Domo Cyfe TIBCO Spotfire Pentaho TableauBusiness Intelligence Systems (BI) allows businesses to analyse their data (including Big Data) to discover trends & patterns to make better business decisions. Making the correct decisions can make the difference between success and failure and using insightful data is crucial.

Typically, businesses sit on a treasure trove of valuable business data that can be used, with BI, to help increase sales, reduce costs, increase efficiency, increase competitive advantage and make better strategic decisions. The type of data that can be used by BI systems can include operational, sales, financial, strategic, support, Big Data and much more.

Examples of Business Intelligence Systems are IBM Watson, Domo, Cyfe, TIBCO Spotfire, Pentaho BI and Tableau.

Benefits of BI with IBM Watson, Domo, Cyfe, TIBCO Spotfire, Pentaho and Tableau include:-

  • BI allows for better Strategic decisions
  • BI reduces operating costs through increased efficiency
  • Greater new business through increased up selling and cross selling
  • BI allows for increased customer support & satisfaction improving profits
  • Enhanced customer retention with BI

We have leading expertise in the following BI Systems: IBM Watson, Domo, Cyfe, TIBCO Spotfire, Pentaho, Tableau and many more.

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