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ERP - QAD, SAP and Net Suite

Cloud ERP QAD SAP Net Suite www netsuite comEnterprise Resource Management (ERP) Systems are platforms that combine multiple systems into one. ERP functions can include CRM, Business intelligence, HR, Accounting and etc. In certain situations selecting an ERP solution can be the best options when different departments will be using standardised functions company-wide.

However, due to the tight integration of the different ERP functions they can leave little choice of customization and future expansion of new functions. Therefore, in certain situations, Cloud workflow solutions can be a better option for customization and future expansion of new functions. Examples of ERP systems include QAD, SAP and Net Suite.

Benefits of ERP with QAD, SAP and Net Suite include:-

  • Greater new business through increased up selling and cross selling
  • ERP increases customer support & satisfaction improving profits
  • Enhanced customer retention with ERP
  • ERP improves company-wide data sharing increasing profits and reducing costs
  • Increased administrative support saving time and money
  • ERP improves business-wide information & reporting helping in strategic decisions

We have leading expertise in the following ERP systems: QAD, SAP ERP, Net Suite, www netsuite com and much more.

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