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Security Consultancy & Audit - DDoS, Cloudflare, FireEye, Nagios, Blue Coat, ZScaler, Websense and Forcepoint

DDoS Cloudflare FireEye Nagios Blue Coat ZScaler Websense Forcepoint

Security Consultancy & Audit is a process in which all aspects of a company's IT infrastructure (software, hardware & processes) are analysed to make sure they are fit for purpose.

In today's information age where protection of data is vital, strong up to date IT security is crucial. As time progresses security systems & procedures, introduced earlier, rapidly become out of date leaving the company open to new threats.

Performing a full security audit highlights areas where change is needed and relevant actions can be introduced to deal with threats & weaknesses. Relevant actions can involve installing and  customising new security systems, changes in operating procedures, providing IT security training and best practice to staff.

Examples of Enterprise-grade Security systems are Cloudflare, FireEye, Nagios, Blue Coat, ZScaler, Anti DDoS, Websense and Forcepoint.

Benefits of Security Consultancy with Cloudflare, FireEye, Nagios, Blue Coat, ZScaler, Anti DDoS, Websense and Forcepoint are:-

  • Ensuring security of old IT systems is up to date
  • Preventing new security breaches & incidents such as DDoS e.g. Cloudflare, Anti DDoS, Nagios & FireEye
  • Providing IT security training to staff
  • Making sure new IT systems and procedures are fit for purpose e.g. ZScaler, Blue Coat, Cloudflare, Websense & Forcepoint
  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure & Networks e.g. Nagios, FireEye, Cloudflare & ZScaler
  • Meeting security compliance requirements e.g. ISO 27001

We have leading expertise in the following Cloud security systems & techniques: Cloudflare, FireEye, Nagios, Blue Coat, ZScaler, Websense, Forcepoint, Anti DDoS and much more.

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